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Pregnancy/Prenatal Chiropractic in Hutchinson

Dad kissing newborn babyPrenatal chiropractic care is perfectly safe, so long as the providing chiropractor is well educated in pregnancy care specifically. Dr. Stacia is both trained and certified in the Webster Technique and has taken classes with the ICPA, in order to ensure your journey to a health pregnancy is in a set of expert hands. To be honest, treating pregnancy is Stacia’s favorite part of practice. We love watching our moms go through beautiful pregnancies and grow their families.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

In addition to the doctor’s certification and extensive training in specific prenatal care, our office is equipped with a drop-down table to accommodate growing bellies, as well as pregnancy pillows for comfort. These devices prevent the mom from ever feeling too much pressure on the belly as the doctor adjusts. Dr. Stacia also provides muscle stretching and ligament work, all of which is comfortable and safe for mom and baby.

Why Seek Prenatal Care?

Pregnant patients come to us seeking relief from back pain, headaches, and other general pregnancy aches and pains. During pregnancy, the body develops more pain as the ligaments relax in order to prepare to accommodate a baby.

Pregnant patients also come to us seeking aid in acquiring a safer and more comfortable natural birth. Spine alignment helps by opening the hips and sacrum and positioning the baby in the most optimal place for a smooth birth.

Frequency of Care

In early pregnancy, expect to come around once a month. Once you hit the 32-week mark, your visit frequency will depend on your personal goals and birth plan, however it is generally between once a week and once every other week. If you are seeking a natural birth, we try to get you in for an adjustment as close to labor as possible, so we can really set your body up for success. Of course there are always days in pregnancy where you just wake up not feeling great. Just give us a call, we always do our best to get our established patients in same day on those rough days.

Discover More Today

Prenatal chiropractic care is an extremely gentle and safe solution to your pregnancy pain and discomfort. Let us aid you on your path to your most comfortable pregnancy and a natural birth if that is your goal. Contact us today at (620) 259-6399 to set up an appointment with Dr. Stacia Biel!

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