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Meet Dr. Stacia Biel

BIEL23-100Dr. Stacia Biel is a Hutchinson native, a mother of two, and a passionate chiropractor dedicated to family care. She loves practicing in the hometown of both her and her husband, Scott.

Dr. Stacia sees patients of all ages, and loves providing gentle but highly effective care . She has been practicing for 9 years and focuses on growing her expertise in the areas that best serve her patients. She sees patients from hours old to age 97. As her practice has evolved she has added in therapies to assist in specific issues to ensure the best possible outcomes, such as a decompression table for patients with vertebral disc issues.

Opening her practice at the same time she became a mother largely influenced the focus of Dr. Stacia’s office, as she realized first-hand the resources that new moms were searching for in the Hutchinson community.

As a result, she is proud to offer highly specialized prenatal and pediatric care and an accommodating office for new and expectant mothers, and then effective care for their newborns should they choose.


Dr. Stacia is a graduate of the Cleveland Chiropractic College. Her approach to improving the wellness of her patients is an integrative whole-body approach combining the benefits of chiropractic care, lifestyle changes, and acupuncture. She trained with the American Society of Acupuncture for four years to earn a diplomate in acupuncture, which is the highest certification a chiropractor can attain in the field. Dr. Stacia has also completed courses to become a Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner through the International Chiropractic Association and is Webster certified with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

Choosing Chiropractic and Acupuncture

Dr. Stacia had always known she wanted to work in healthcare, but it wasn’t until she was able to shadow doctors during college at the University of Kansas that she was able to realize the hands on and immediate effect that chiropractors could have on their patients. She was approached with an opportunity to take an internship position at the American Society of Acupuncture while she was in school, and she stayed there for four years, learning and practicing the art of acupuncture and gaining a deep understanding of what it takes to be a compassionate, effective doctor.

Building strong relationships and friendships is the centerpiece of Dr. Stacia’s practice, and integral to the success of her adjustments as patients are comfortable expressing what is most comfortable and effective for them. Proper care is heavily predicated on two-way trust, and Dr. Stacia is only able to allow your body to heal itself through that with the power of touch. Touching her patients directly and watching them leave already feeling relief from their pain is what drives her to wake up excited to come to work. Dr. Stacia strives to be very transparent about care plans and pricing, and to get her patients the most effective, longest-lasting adjustment possible.

Family Based Care with Private Treatment Rooms

Dr. Stacia is proud to offer a casual, fun environment where families can find comfort and help. Our facilities offer nursing and changing areas, private adjusting and acupuncture rooms, and child friendly waiting areas for your convenience. We’ve thought of it all so you don’t have to. We never want you to feel uncomfortable bringing your kids to your appointments, they are so welcome at Revive.

Trauma-informed care is also very important to our office. Dr. Stacia has taken courses specifically on trauma-informed care and we will always do everything in our power to make you as comfortable as possible, understanding that hands-on care can be very difficult for some patients

Dr. Stacia is Webster Certified, a special chiropractic technique designed for pregnant women, and a member of the ICPA. She focuses much of her continuing education on family care, whether it’s prenatal or pediatric, in order to always provide her patients with current and expert level care.

A Hutchison Native

Dr. Stacia is a proud member of the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce. She loves all things personal growth, mental health, mindfulness, and helping people live the highest quality version of their lives, body and soul.  Her and her husband Scott love participating in local community events and experiencing all their hometown has to offer. They love cooking together, gardening, beekeeping, raising chickens and spending time with their beautiful daughters!

Contact us today to find more about Dr. Stacia Biel’s specialized approach to healthcare. An integrative wellness plan incorporating both chiropractic and acupuncture could lead you to a brighter, healthier future!

Dr. Stacia Biel | (620) 259-6399