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New Patients

Preparing for Your First Visit

Don’t be nervous! Our office is waiting to welcome you warmly and with open arms! If you’ve never been to a chiropractor before we will be sure to explain the whole process as we walk you through your experience. This does not have to be an aggressive experience with lots of “popping.” You have options, and we will always strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible from the second you walk in.

Feel free to fill out your intake paperwork beforehand, available here. Please arrive in comfortable clothing and prepare to spend about thirty minutes for your first appointment. For acupuncture appointments, please wear clothing that can be easily rolled to the elbow and knee, or prepare to wear a gown.

Once you arrive to Revive Chiropractic & Acupuncture, you’ll find yourself in a friendly waiting room with an awesome kids’ area designed for children to relax and get comfortable. Moms with fussy babies can find relief in our nursing and fully stocked changing area. But don’t worry – our acupuncture areas are secluded and private, allowing a quiet respite from the joyful atmosphere of the waiting room.

We are proud to offer our new patients a one visit process, with adjustment provided on the first visit. Once you’ve arrived and checked in, we thoroughly explain the finances of your visit and any insurance benefits that your plan qualifies for. We then escort you to a private office where Dr. Stacia acquires a full medical history including information on the current issues you suffer from. She then discusses her opinion on the methodologies and therapies that she thinks will be best for your particular case, and then applies those methodologies whether they be acupuncture, chiropractic care, decompression, ESTIM, or some combination therein. Dr. Stacia’s goal is to provide the best combination of therapies so that when you leave the office, you can feel an immediate improvement.

Regular chiropractic visits only take about ten minutes out of your day. For acupuncture, most patients can expect a twenty-minute session, and thirty minutes total in-office.

Your regular visits will consist of a quick catch up on your progress and any new issues that may have arisen since your last appointment. We then adjust, apply any other necessary therapies, and provide information on any recommended home care.

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Learn what it feels like to live life with a well aligned spine. Get in tune with your body now so you can prevent future pain and discomfort by recognizing yourself when you need chiropractic care. Our office is waiting for your call!

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